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By Nicky

Member of the Month - March

By Nicky

Congratulations to Michelle Dalgarno on being our March Member of the Month!

My main activity throughout my life has been swimming, the thought of going into a gym was a No No, even though where I swam had a gym.

I couldn’t think of anything more boring, plus I always felt like it was a place where I wouldn’t feel comfortable.

Mid last year I was unable to swim, I did go into the gym that I was a member of and I never went back. Then I spent a couple of months not exercising and basically just spent my time eating and feeling totally lazy.

I’d heard of SWEAT! and just thought I would go in. I met Zac and Lewis on reception and instantly they made me laugh and feel at ease.  I had no intention of joining, however ten minutes later I had handed over my Debit Card and that was it.

My daughters have joined and we have started taking part in classes rather than going into the gym. If I trained on my own, I know that I would stop at my comfort level, whereas in the classes the trainers are pushing you and pushing you. 

I can’t believe that I sit in work and get excited for my nightly class which is something I thought I would never enjoy.

The trainers are fantastic and great to talk to, they are a great laugh and that makes all the difference: Charlotte, Alex, Sam, Nathaniel and Ashleigh you make it a fun place to be.

Will I achieve a body like Beyonce? Probably not, but I will try my damnedest to, lol!